BMI & Ideal weight calculator

We are committed to nutritional values, offering healthy products of the best quality.

Having a balanced diet is the most important thing to consolidate our well-being. 

The World Health Organization, recommends controlling your own weight to keep a healthy life.

Using the ideal weight calculator, you will know if your weight is adequate based on the World Health Organization parameters.

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Discover the best recipes for you

Is your BMI under 18,5?

If so, it means you are underweight, gaining more weight is not a bad option for you! Dive into the following recipes. 

Is your BMI between 18,5 and 24,9?

Congratulations, you are at a healthy weight. Stick with your current diet! All recipes are recommended, but you may like the following ones. 

Is your BMI between 25 and 29,9?

You are overweight, you do not have to worry, but you must watch your diet. We propose some recipes which will help you on this journey!

Is your BMI over 30?

It means that you are very overweight, and you should start to control your diet as soon as possible. You will lose weight by preparing the below recipes. You can do it!

More recipes that will help your health