La Sirena offers a wide variety of delicious flavors in our ever-popular tuna. Always wild caught and dolphin safe, La Sirena tuna is light, flakey and high in omega-3. Click on an image to see it in better detail.

  • Chunks in Oil
  • Tuna Chunks in Oil
  • Chunks in Water
  • Tuna Chunks in Water
  • Flakes with Oil
  • Tuna Flakes with Oil
  • With Vegetables
  • Tuna with Vegetables
  • With Corn
  • Tuna with Corn
  • With Jalapeños
  • Tuna with Jalapeños
  • With Olive Oil
  • Tuna Chunks with Olive Oil
  • Pica Pica
  • Tuna Pica Pica