Our Values

Actions speak louder.

Our mermaid tends to blush when you ask her to talk about all the good things we believe in. For one thing, talk is cheap. There are many companies who brag about their commitments to sustainability and healthy foods. And we sure welcome them. But when it really comes to making the world a better place, we believe that actions speak louder than words.

Our actions include making sure that the fish we source is only from companies that have demonstrated ongoing commitment to protecting sea life for future generations. This commitment is not simply to the seafood we bring to your tables, it extends to all the fish that share the seas with them. That’s why our tuna is certified Dolphin Safe. We are also proud members of Earth Island Institute, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting our planet.

A place at your table.

Our mermaid wants to continually earn a place at your table. That’s why we are not simply dedicated to offering all your family’s traditional favorites we also are committed to offering innovative new items, flavors and packaging. When you invite our mermaid to the table, you know there will be smiles all around.

Our Communities.

La Sirena has a long-standing history of making a difference in our communities. We’ve raised money that resulted in better and safer housing for 10,000 Guatemalans. We’ve answered the call when disaster strikes by offering relief support following hurricanes and floods. We’ve helped in communities where health care was sparse by donating medical equipment, supplies and even teams for medical stations. We’ve improved the lives of school children by donating materials, uniforms and meals so that they could concentrate on having happy and productive school years. And, because we believe a healthy childhood also means nourishing dreams, we’re aligned with art programs that help less privileged children learn digital arts.

We are committed to expanding our charitable interests as we expand in the marketplace. Visit us on Facebook to learn of ongoing news, or contact us if you would like to join our mission to make life better for our communities.